This website is under construction

This Website is a presentation of our hobby art works.


Anyone with a comment or two are more than welcome to write to us.

This website is meant to be an online presentation of our art work. My husband Karamallah and I share a passion for stones. On our property we have a lot of basalt stones , which we just want to process into anything useful or simply into something beautiful to look at.


Karamallah has designed some pieces of art from our stones, you can see the pictures under photos.

As I am occupied on a job contract in Greenland at the moment, I mostly do paintings and photos of the beautiful nature in Greenland.


We like to share our work with the rest of the world and we would love to get comments from you , whereever you are.We are just starting to develop our ideas , so any inputs from professionals as well as beginners like us are welcome.


We hope you will enjoy the photos.

Upernavik seen from a helicopter

This website is under construction.

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Blue basalt stone  birdbath  for outdoor use or for flower decoration

A blue basalt stone birdbath. But it can also be used for flowers.

White stone bench carved from a huge stone used as gardenfurniture

This white bench was carved from a huge stone. It is used as gardenfurniture.

Amarok polar dog in Upernavik

I can`t help sharing the photos of our beautiful polar dogs with the rest of the world.

Blue basalt stone art called three feet

Three feet blue basalt stone sculpture.

White stone birdbath

This white stone birdbath is one out of many birdbaths.

upernavik sea photo

I have taken numerous photos of the breathtaking nature in Greenland during my stay here.

Basalt stone plate art work given to danish un unifil as a gift

This plate was given as a gift to the danish unit of Unifil , before they left their mission in Lebanon.

A fountain made of a huge white stone  looks like a big bone

The stone on top is one big piece. It reminds us of a bone. There is a waterinstallation , so in fact it functions as a fountain.

I am living and working in Upernavik at the moment. Upernavik is a very charming town and island in the north west of Greenland.

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